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25. Fun & Tools



Final elements  of the gamification design framework are

  • Don’t forget the Fun
  • Deploy the Appropriate Tools

We need to find ways to make the concept more engaging, involving more puzzles, problems, surprises and delights, which are associated with Fun.


Samsung Nation

“Samsung Nation is the exciting new social loyalty program where you earn badges, move up the ranks and have fun discovering everything Samsung.com has to offer. Unlock badges and level up just by visiting, reviewing products, watching videos, participating in user-generated Q&As, and much more. Plus, you can see what others are doing in real time and even uncover a few surprises along the way.”

  • If the activity underlying this system isn’t fun and engaging, then there is an ultimate challenge of making the site effective for a broad group of people as opposed to the relatively self selected group who respond more eagerly to the addictive elements of the PBL type system
  • If the site is interesting by itself, it may not need some of these game mechanics


“Whether you’re completely new to fitness or a seasoned pro, we can help you reach the next level. Isn’t it time?”

  • Fitocracy uses PBL mechanics to get people to exercise and has a strong commitment to making things fun
  • The images, graphics, discussions among people seems to build around the notion that working out is great, exciting, and awesome
  • You can find groups of people to work with and level up with

Linkedin Progress Bar

  • There is some fun in getting feedback how far you are and knowing that you are most of the way there
  • There is some fun in knowing incrementally that you have a little bit more to get to the next level
  • It is a lightweight bit of amusement and engagement on top of a fairly mechanical process of filling up your profile


  • Players plays the puzzle game that ties into the larger process and get scores for finding the best possible folding pattern for certain proteins
  • This triggers the important aspect of intrinsic motivation under the Self-Determination Theory


  • You can’t do the design until you have asked all the right questions
  • After asking the right questions and come up with provisional answers, think about all the different options and different techniques
  • Use the right tools (30 game elements and game design techniques)
  • Pick those that seem best and most appropriate for the existing challenge
  • Repeat the iterate and play test loop and keep improving the system to get something that works for real people

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