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23. Players


Knowing your players (e.g. through marketing survey)

  • Demographics
  • Age group
  • Location
  • Income level
  • Psychographics (What is their behavior? What they like to buy? What they like to do? etc)

Knowing what motivates your players

  • Example: WoW
    • Players looking for others with various skills to defeat bosses or monsters in a specific dungeon in WoW
    • People selling and buying directly (without the Auction House) – economic activity
    • A group of players trying to get an achievement (recognition)

Bartle MMOG Player Type Model by Richard Bartle


  • Achievers – people driven by in-game goals, who want to reach some achievements to overcome some obstacle, probably to receive some recognition of their achievement
  • Explorers – those who want to interact with the world and see what’s possible within the game; they try to try out every piece of the world that they can find and figure out new things to do with the game
  • Socializers – those who care particularly about interacting with others, being on teams, talking and chatting with other players and being part of a community; social experience outweighs the achievements
  • Killers – those who want to fight against other players and totally destroy them; someone who wants to impose themselves on other people. Approximately 1% are killers

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