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22. Objectives & Behaviors

1. DEFINE Business Objectives

Business objective is the ultimate goal the gamified system wants to accomplish. It is what that will define whether the gamified system is a success or failure. Steps in the gamified system are stepping stones to the ultimate goal.

Example: Foursquare

  • Social sharing
    • Getting people to make a habit of checking in and posting information about the places that they go to
    • Notion of seeing who the mayor is, who your friends involved are and the tips that people leave etc makes sharing more appealing and user more likely to check in at a location, which drives the business value for Foursquare
    • The business objective is to get check ins and information about those locations at the check ins
  • Influener marketing
    • Mayors are active users of the system and hardcore customers of the location. They are someone who other people look to for advise.
    • Mayors are given discounts (influencer marketing)  as they are potentially influencing

Steps to Achieve Business Goals for Gamified System

  1. List and rank possible objectives
    • List all the goals and be as concrete and specific as possible
    • Rank the list by importance (For conflicting goals, decide the rank and which to tradeoff against others)
  2. Eliminate means to ends
    • Remove those that are not really your business objectives
    • Stepping stones and most game elements are eliminated here
    • Avoid situations where players are manipulated to do what the organization wants and not what they want
    • Ensure what is done is in the interest of the players
  3. Justify objectives
    • For each remaining goal, provide a short explanation about why it is your business objective
    • This allows dependencies to be discovered

2. DELINEATE Target Behaviors

  • Specific
    • e.g. customers to redeem more coupons for 30% off on plush toys
  • Success metrics (“win states”)
    • What tells you this gamified system is a success
    • Sometimes the success behaviors may be a set of activities which are in conflict with other kinds of goals or behaviors on the list
  • Analytics
    • The ways of measuring the path toward the success metrics
    • DAU/MAU
      • DAU = Daily Average Users = average number of people who visit the site on any given day
      • MAU = Monthly Average Users = average number of people who visit the site in a month
      • Tells you how engaging the site is (higher the ratio, the more engaging the site is)
    • Virality
      • People referring other people to play the game or use the site
    • Volume of activity
      • Amount of activity happening
      • e.g. number of points given out each month, number of badges earned, number of levels gained

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