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21. The Design Process & Framework


Design is the process of attacking problem. It is a general approach to addressing challenges.

Design Thinking:

  • Purposive
    • It has a goal/objective to promote a behavior or activity
  • Human Centered
    • The solution is for people (human)
    • People will experience the system
  • Balance of analytical and creativity
    • Use heuristics and find patterns when data is not sufficient
    • Abductive reasoning: inference from the best explanation
  • Iterative
    • Prototyping and playtesting

Gamification Design Framework

  1. DEFINE business objectives
    • What is the system designed to accomplish?
  2. DELINEATE target behaviors
    • What is it that you want people to do?
  3. DESCRIBE your players
    • Understand who will be using the system, their preferences and how can the system respond to the different kinds of players available
  4. DEVISE activity loops
    • Engagement and progression loops
  5. DON’T forget the fun
    • The system should be fun for the players either consciously or unconsciously
  6. DEPLOY the appropriate tools
    • Use the right elements and structures

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