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18. Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation


Intrinsic Rewards

  • Doing something for its own sake, not because of any external stimuli, be it rewards or consequences
  • Varies for every person
  • Example: “I love my job” or “I love sitting on the beach all day”

Extrinsic Rewards

  • Doing something for something else other than the thing itself such as money, frame and fortune

SAPS (Zichermann’s Extrinsic Rewards)

  • Status
    • The thing that make us cool, that other people will value and respect
    • Examples: at the top of the leaderboard, having the American Express
  • Access
    • Having access to something other people don’t have
    • Examples: access to additional part of a discussion board, access to new content
  • Power
    • Able to do certain things others can’t
    • Example: ability to edit certain site or posts on discussion boards
  • Stuff (Tangible Rewards)
    • Things that you actually get

Two Claims on the Zichermann Structure

  1. Ranked in terms of preferences for the companies designing the systems in terms of being efficient. It is more advantageous for companies to do the things higher up because they are cheaper
  2. Ranked in terms of how powerful these motivators are. But there is a danger in assuming that status is the primary thing that motivates people.

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