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8. Tapping the Emotions – FUN


What Makes Games Engaging?

  • Games are FUN

Mary Poppins “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game.

What Things are Fun?

  • Winning
  • Problem-solving (surmounting challenges)
  • Exploring (e.g. finding something new)
  • Chilling out (e.g. relaxing at the beach)
  • Teamwork (people generally enjoy cooperation and collaboration)
  • Recognition (being told of doing a good job)
  • Triumphing (winning over losers)
  • Collecting (e.g. collecting stamps, coins)
  • Surprise (something unexpected)
  • Imagination (e.g. day dreaming)
  • Sharing (people generally feel good when sharing)
  • Role playing
  • Customization (making something of our own)
  • Goofing off (exploring the opportunity to be silly)

Nicole Lazzaro’s 4 Keys to More Emotion Without Story

1. Easy Fun

  • Fun that is casual, light and nice
  • e.g. chilling out, goofing, hanging out with friends

2. Hard Fun

  • Fun that represents accomplishment
  • e..g challenges, problem solving, mastery, competition, overcoming obstacles

3. People Fun

  • Fun that requires people
  • e.g. socializing, interacting with others, working as a team

4. Serious Fun

  • Serious real objectives that are meaningful
  • e.g. working on something good for the planet, for the family, for the community

Marc LeBlanc’s 8 Kinds of Fun

1. Sensation

2. Fantasy

3. Narrative

4. Challenge

5. Fellowship

6. Discovery

7. Expression

8. Submission


  • Fun can (and should) be designed
  • Fun can be challenging
  • Appeal to different kinds of fun


  1. The Play Belt
  2. Bottle Bank Arcade Machine
  3. The Speed Camera Lottery
  4. The Piano Staircase
  5. The World’s Deepest Bin

Example: Linkedin

  • Profile completeness progress bar
    • Feedback
    • Progression
    • Completion

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