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6. Think Like a Game Designer


To think like a game designer is to

  • Think  ” I am a game designer
    • Just “think“!
  • Not being an actual game designer
    • Being an actual game designer requires tremendous technical skills in different areas, which does not support  our objective in gamification. We are focused on the game structure!
  • Not thinking like a gamer
    • Gamers only care about the experience they get in the game whereas game designers care about the structure of the game

Participants are Players (customers, employees, community, target audiences)

  • Players are the center of the game
    • To the Players, it is all about them
  • Players feel a sense of autonomy/control
    • The Players must be able to make meaningful choices that  give them a sense of control
  • Players play


  1. Get the Players into the game
    • Get them to start playing
  2. Keep the Players playing
    • Get them to continue playing

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