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11. Limitations of Elements


Example: MileagePlus United Airlines

  • Points – points gained by travelling
  • Rewards – free travel
  • Level – premier, silver programs etc
  • Badges – frequent flyer miles
  • Not an engaging game!

There are more to gamification than game elements

  • Elements are not the game
  • Not all rewards are fun; not all fun is rewarding
  • Cookie cutter

Example: Google News Badges

  • Introduced on July 14, 2011
  • Earn badges depending on the subject area of what readers read
  • A way to track what readers are reading
  • A way of showing people what readers are reading
  • A way of getting data on number of articles readers read compared to others
  • But nothing really compelling
  • The badges do not give any kind of reward or achievement
  • It does not truly motivate and engage Google News readers to do anything they wouldn’t already do
  • Stopped on October 15, 2012

What About

  • Meaningful choices? – engaging
  • Puzzles? – challenges
  • Mastery? – pathway to true competence
  • Community? – social interaction
  • Different kinds of users? – people have different motivation factors

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