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10. PBL


Points, badges and leaderboards are some of the most effective game elements in gamification. Although they are more prominent, they are not all-inclusive.


  • Keep score
  • Determine win states
  • Connect to rewards
  • Provide feedback
  • Display of progress
  • Data for game designer
  • Fungible

Example: Samsung Nation


  • Representations of achievement
  • Flexibility
  • Style
  • Signalling of importance
  • Credentials
  • Collections
  • Social display

Example: Mozilla Open Badge Framework


  • Ranking
    • Feedback on competition
  • Personalized leaderboards
    • Friend-relative variant where players can compare to people they know
  • Danger!
    • Capable of de-motivating players when they see other players are too far ahead for them to catch up to

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