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1. What is Gamification?


Gamification is the use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts.

Game elements are typical engaging elements found in actual games which include but are not limited to:

  • Achievements
  • Avatars
  • Badges
  • Boss Fights
  • Collections (Resources)
  • Combat
  • Content Unlocking
  • Gifting
  • Leaderboards
  • Levels (Progression)
  • Points
  • Quests
  • Rewards
  • Social Graph
  • Teams
  • Virtual Goods

Game Design Techniques

  • Games are more than simply including game elements
  • Thinking like a game designer (type of approach)

Non-Game Contexts

  • Anything other than the actual game (e.g. business, school, social impact, personal improvement)

Gamification is NOT

  • Making everything a game or an immerse 3D virtual world
  • Any games in the workplace
  • Any use of games in business (e.g. Mcdonald monopoly)
  • Simulations (although they may constitute serious games)
  • Just for marketing or customer engagement
  • Just PBLs (points, badges, leaderboards)
  • Game theory (check out the Game Theory course on Coursera!)

Gamification IS

  • Listening to what games can teach us
  • Learning from game design (including contexts of psychology, management, marketing, economics etc)
  • Appreciating fun

Application Categories:

  • External
    • Examples are the gamification of sales and marketing processes targeted more towards customers, potential customers or even supplier
  • Internal
    • Internal gamification applies to internal employees to engage and motivate them
  • Behavior Change
    • This form of gamification can be viewed as a method to encourage some form of positive behavior which i s difficult to cultivate

Some other definitions (from http://www.gamification.org):

  • Game Design is the process of creating the rules and content of a game, through the design and application of its Game Mechanics to create Gameplay
  • Game Mechanics are constructs of rules and feedback loops intended to produce enjoyable gamplay. They are the building blocks that can be applied and combined to gamify any non-game context
  • Gameplay is interaction with a game through it’s rules, connection between player and the game, challenges and overcoming them

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