A Coursera course by Kevin Werback, an Associate Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

The course includes 6 weeks of video lectures, graded multiple choice homework, peer graded written project and a final exam.

This blog is created to share knowledge and information on Gamification based on the content of this online course that stretches from 1st April to 13th May 2013.  I have also included some of my thoughts and comments as well. In addition, I believe this would be useful for revising for the Final Exam of the course.

Learning Objectives:

  1. What is Gamification?
  2. Why it might be valuable?
  3. How to do it effectively?
  4. Specific applications

Why am I taking this course?

  • The topic itself seems interesting enough for me to spend some time on the course
  • Gamification has a great deal of non-game applications that could be useful in my future job or business.
  • Concurrently, I’m taking another Coursera course, Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations by David A. Owens, a Professor of the Practice of Engineering Management at Vanderbilt University in which my project team is working on an innovation that involves the Gamification technique.